About Us

Hamilton Marine Finance is a full-service financing company specializing in loan underwriting for marine vessels and RVs. We have earned an industry-wide reputation for getting even the most difficult deals done with exceptional levels of customer service and professionalism. Our vast network of partnerships with banks, insurance providers, dealerships and manufacturers make us one of the leading resources in the market today.

We pride ourselves on high levels of integrity, industry knowledge, follow-up and attention to detail. Our goal is to build a long list of loyal, satisfied clients that become testimonials to our brand reputation. Many of our clients are repeat customers who love to change it up and write new chapters in their book.

Living Life Full Throttle™ is not just a motto, it’s our way of life and doing business. You work hard and play hard, so choose a financing company that works hard for you. Our team goes the extra mile to navigate the complexities of the financing process, so that you have less headaches and can spend more time getting on with your new adventures.

We specialize in financing for:

  • High-performance speedboats
  • High-performance center console boats
  • Wakeboarding boats
  • Yachts & Sport Yachts
  • RVs (Recreational Vehicles)

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